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Drone Video Shows Massive Waves Of Illegals Crossing At Texas Border


Drone Video Shows Massive Waves Of Illegals Crossing At Texas Border

During the past few weeks, the situation at the border in the South has escalated to an unprecedented level. As the end of Title 42 approaches, revealing drone footage has shown enormous groups of undocumented immigrants queuing up in Texas after crossing the border. On Sunday and Monday, several videos recorded by a journalist and a drone displayed hundreds of people waiting in line.

The severity of the border situation has prompted Texas Governor Greg Abbott to urge the federal government to take action. Additionally, he has given permission for National Guard troops to be deployed to the border to assist in managing the crisis.

Despite making several commitments to tackle the issue, the efforts of the Biden administration have been inadequate so far. The sharp increase in unauthorized immigration has caused a substantial burden on resources, and numerous communities in Texas are struggling to manage the overwhelming number of new arrivals.

A separate video captured by Bill Melugin from Fox News displayed the line of people who crossed the border on Monday.

Conservatives have continuously expressed concerns about the hazards of having open borders and the importance of implementing stronger measures to ensure border security.

During a press conference on Thursday, Jean-Pierre acknowledged that the administration is highly concerned about the situation. Nevertheless, several people have disregarded these statements as another attempt by the administration to conceal the actual situation at the southern border.

The average number of illegal border crossings at the US-Mexico border between 2016 and 2020 was 479,005 per year, but this number increased significantly in 2021 and 2022 to an average of 1,938,409. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that 1,500 US troops will be dispatched to the southern border to assist law enforcement and Border Patrol personnel.

On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas addressed the ongoing migrant crisis, with a focus on border security. He discussed the expiration of the COVID-era migration policy known as Title 42 and the potential consequences. The governor held a press conference at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport to provide details about Texas’ measures to tackle what he referred to as President Joe Biden’s ongoing border crisis.

According to Abbott, the Biden administration expects that around 13,000 people will illegally cross the border each day once Title 42 is no longer in effect. In response, the governor declared that Texas would deploy up to 10,000 National Guard members and 1,200 troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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