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Democrats Gush Over Migrants as Cheap Labor Option


Democrats Gush Over Migrants as Cheap Labor Option

Ever since President Joe Biden assumed office, there has been a significant deterioration in the security measures at our southern border. There has been a surge of undocumented immigrants entering the country, and it appears that Democrats are not actively pursuing efforts to prevent this influx. In fact, it seems that they hold a positive view of mass immigration, and senior members of the liberal party have their own ulterior motives for supporting it.

When Democratic politicians engage in discussions about immigration, their emphasis is often on the humanitarian aspect, highlighting the plight of refugees, those oppressed, and individuals seeking improved lives in America. However, on certain occasions, their true intentions become apparent, revealing that the political Left perceives migrants as a source of low-skilled and low-paid labor. This perspective unexpectedly aligns them with large businesses. 

Whether it is an agricultural corporation seeking inexpensive meatpackers or an affluent suburban liberal hiring migrants for landscaping work, business owners aim to reduce their expenditure on employee wages. This strategy is made possible by the migration of individuals from economically disadvantaged nations, but it comes at a high cost for American workers.

During a House committee meeting on May 10, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) made a statement asserting that migrants are essential for ensuring the availability of food on our plates. He argued that immigrants play a crucial role in agricultural growth, hospital sanitation, and housing construction. Surprisingly, he then proceeded to launch a critical tirade, accusing Republicans of wanting to exploit inexpensive migrant labor, displaying a sense of hypocrisy.

The utilization of cheap migrant labor has been a deliberate policy that Democrats have been accused of exploiting for an extended period. Throughout the 2020 election campaigns, Democratic presidential candidates competed with one another by offering businesses unrestricted access to an abundant supply of foreign workers. For instance, Washington Governor Jay Inslee promised the implementation of “flexible caps” on immigration, which could be adjusted as per demand.

The issue of cheap migrant workers presents a significant concern. Regardless of the arguments made by left-leaning individuals, labor functions as a commodity, subject to the principles of supply and demand. When there is an abundant supply of a particular resource, its price decreases, while scarcity drives prices up. By adopting a policy of open borders and allowing millions of foreign workers into the country, the Biden administration is effectively suppressing wages. 

This has negative consequences for American workers who discover that numerous jobs fail to provide sufficient income to meet their financial obligations. As US workers abandon lower-paying jobs, a continuous influx of immigrants takes their place, perpetuating the cycle.

Leading Democrats, such as Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), appear unconcerned about the consequences of relaxed immigration laws. They actively support initiatives to ease the process of immigrating to the United States. President Biden himself openly boasts about his efforts to facilitate entry into the country. These actions have resulted in a concerning trend: since Biden’s election, the number of immigrants entering the US has equaled the number of children born in the country, effectively increasing the population through migration at the same rate as childbirth.

The Democratic Party is engaging in a risky strategy. Even their own supporters are expressing dismay over the influx of migrant labor. Shortly after Biden’s election, a significant majority of Democrat voters (64%) expressed the belief that companies should prioritize attracting American workers by offering higher wages rather than relying on cheap foreign staff. Biden’s approach goes against this sentiment, and it is inevitable that there will be a backlash sooner or later.

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