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Democrat Senator Criticizes GOP Over Immigration, Backfires Badly


Democrat Senator Criticizes GOP Over Immigration, Backfires Badly

Recently, a Democratic senator made an effort to point fingers at the GOP for not supporting a Senate measure that would have changed the US immigration system. The plan backfired miserably when Republicans exposed their peers’ shifting positions on the matter. They are now alleging that the Democratic congressman will say anything to support his impending run for reelection.

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) took issue with Republicans after they declined to back the contentious package that coupled assistance for Ukraine with US border protection. Growing sick of aiding the nation ripped apart by conflict, many on the Right have rejected extending aid in the absence of an exit strategy.

On February 7, Casey released a press statement in which she claimed that Republicans had stifled four months of talks between the two major parties by refusing to even discuss the bill. He referred to the defeated plan as the most powerful Congress has seen in many years.

Casey said his colleagues were following their presidential candidate’s example, who he said was more focused on winning the election than on swiftly resolving the problem. Casey continued, saying that the Right now insisted on voting individually on each subject, even though Republicans had been the ones to urge that any plans for foreign aid be tied to changes for border security.

Philip Letsou, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said Fox Digital that Casey had previously changed his stance on immigration. Election year looks to be the decisive element for his unexpectedly strong posture. He said the politician will say anything to maintain the favor of his constituents.

The senator’s opponent in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania, David McCormick, accused Casey of being involved in the present border issues. He mentioned the eighteen years his rival has had to act. The liberal senator, he added, was advocating ineffective policies that had harmed the people and economy of his state.

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