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Democrat Rhode Island State Senator Arrested for Keying SUV


Democrat Rhode Island State Senator Arrested for Keying SUV

Rhode Island State Senator Joshua Miller, a 69-year-old Democrat who represents Cranston and Providence, has been taken into custody and formally accused of engaging in Vandalism/Malicious Injury to Property. The charges against him stem from allegations that he intentionally damaged a vehicle belonging to another individual, purportedly due to the presence of an anti-Biden bumper sticker on the car. 

A local news outlet, WJAR News in Providence, reported that Senator Joshua Miller is alleged to have scratched the vehicle using a key. The incident occurred on a Thursday afternoon at the Garden City Shopping Center, with witnesses attesting to hearing a distinct and loud scratching sound while they were returning to their vehicles after shopping.

Following the alleged act of vandalism, the victim promptly reported the incident, leading to the involvement of Cranston police, who were called to the scene.

Law enforcement officials observed a singular, extended scratch on the rear passenger door of the vehicle, displaying characteristics consistent with recent keying. According to Rhode Island Current, the car featured a sticker in its rear window that read “Biden sucks.” WJAR News relayed that Senator Miller was apprehended in the Garden City area approximately two hours after the complaint was officially filed.

Based on the body camera footage from the Cranston police, Senator Miller was seen wearing clothing that matched the description provided by witnesses, with the exception of his jacket, which he had placed inside a bag. When questioned by the police regarding the change of clothing, Miller made the following statement: “I took my jacket off, that’s not against the law.”

Miller denied any involvement in causing damage to the vehicle and claimed that the owner of the car had followed him and verbally threatened him. Surveillance footage from the shopping center revealed Miller’s presence near the vandalized vehicle. When the police visited Miller’s residence for questioning, he eventually confessed to committing the act.

Miller justified his actions by stating that the car owner had been shouting at him and had “dared him” to do it. In response, Officer Patalano suggested that they could handle the situation either as a significant issue or a minor one. Seeking the officer’s guidance, Miller expressed his reluctance to be accused of a cover-up.

Agreeing with the sentiments expressed by the officer, Miller willingly accompanied the authorities to the Cranston Police Headquarters, where he was officially charged with vandalism and malicious injury to property.

According to WJAR, the senator was released on $1,000 personal recognizance and is scheduled for a formal arraignment in court on July 18.

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