Creator of Insanely Popular ‘Dragon Ball’ Has Passed Away

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Akira Toriyama, renowned as one of Japan’s most esteemed anime creators and the mastermind behind the iconic series Dragon Ball, passed away at 68 years old on March 1 in Japan due to complications from an acute subdural hematoma. Bird Studio, Toriyama’s manga production company, officially announced his demise, emphasizing his enduring legacy not just as an artist but also as a compassionate individual.

The renowned manga series “Dragon Ball,” created by Toriyama, tells the tale of a young protagonist named Goku as he ventures on an extraordinary quest. His primary objective is to gather seven mystical orbs capable of summoning a colossal dragon that grants three wishes. 

Originating as a manga and later adapted into an anime during the 1980s, “Dragon Ball” has amassed sales numbering in the hundreds of millions worldwide. The anime achieved unprecedented popularity, captivating audiences in numerous countries and spawning successful adaptations into films and various video games.

Following the immense popularity of Dragon Ball, numerous Japanese anime and manga creators began to critique Toriyama, arguing that his primary work lacked depth and failed to impart any instructive message to its audience. 

However, in a 2013 interview with the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, Toriyama expressed indifference towards criticisms, stating that he was unconcerned if his creations simply served to entertain the public.

In 1955, Akira Toriyama was born in Kiyosu, Japan, and attended a technical high school in Aichi Prefecture, where he studied art design. After completing his studies, local media sources report that Toriyama commenced his professional journey as a designer at an advertising agency in Nagoya. However, at the age of 23, he took a daring leap to become a full-time manga artist. His inaugural creation, “Wonder Island,” debuted in 1978, earning acclaim from critics for its adventurous and action-packed narrative.

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