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Convicted Felon Leaps Over Bench, Attacks Las Vegas Judge


Convicted Felon Leaps Over Bench, Attacks Las Vegas Judge

A male individual vaulted over the courtroom bench in Las Vegas, assaulting the judge during his sentencing hearing on Wednesday. The incident unfolded on camera as Judge Mary Kay Holthus, presiding over the case of Deobra Redden, a 30-year-old with a history of three felonies, denied him probation. Redden had been convicted of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm.

At approximately 11 a.m., Redden’s lawyer proposed probation for his client to Judge Holthus. However, the judge had alternative plans for the recurrent offender.

“I think it’s time he got a taste of something else because I just can’t with that history,” she remarked.

Unexpectedly, Redden rushes towards the bench, propelling himself over with extended arms, and forcefully brings the judge down to the floor, as captured in the video obtained by the media outlet.

In the commotion, both an American flag and a Nevada state flag fell to the ground. The video also reveals that amidst the chaos, numerous individuals grapple with Redden while he hurls profanities at Holthus.

Court personnel seem to be pulling him away, but he manages to break free and makes another attempt to approach the judge, who is still on the floor, as seen in the video. He and others engage in a physical altercation, exchanging punches during the struggle.

For several minutes, a blaring alarm sounded, notifying others of the situation. Holthus sustained a minor head injury but is reported to be in stable condition. Additionally, a marshal was injured in the altercation.

On April 23, Redden allegedly made threats to “bust the kneecaps” of another individual, causing significant bodily harm, as outlined in court documents. Subsequently, in May, a different judge mandated Redden to undergo a competency assessment. Records indicate that he was committed to a state behavioral facility until he was deemed competent in October.

In November, Redden entered a guilty plea to the charges. However, in December, Judge Holthus issued an arrest warrant for him when he failed to appear in court.

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