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Communist Revolutionaries Set Fire To American Flags In Protest Outside Jason Aldean Show


Communist Revolutionaries Set Fire To American Flags In Protest Outside Jason Aldean Show

A demonstration staged by a Communist revolutionary organization outside a Jason Aldean concert in Chicago on Saturday night turned unsettling when approximately 20 members of the Revolution Club Chicago gathered outside the Credit Union 1 Amphitheater in Tinley Park. During the protest, they burned American flags and chanted anti-US slogans, including phrases like “F–k the US and all its might.”

While the Revolution Club members set fire to the American flag, law enforcement swiftly arrived at the protest. They used a megaphone to declare the gathering an illegal assembly, causing concern and unease among concert attendees, as depicted in the video footage.

“You are disturbing the public peace without the authority of law. We are ordering you to immediately disperse. Failure to comply can result in chemical or less legal conditions being deployed,” a police officer from Tinley Park addressed the group through a loudspeaker amid their chants.

The group proceeded to set fire to another flag before ultimately departing the vicinity, complying with the repeated commands and cautions issued by the police. As they were escorted down the street by law enforcement, the anti-capitalist demonstrators persisted in vocalizing anti-American slogans.

Despite a few instances of receiving offensive hand gestures, the group did not engage in any confrontations with Jason Aldean’s fans during the protest and flag-burning activities, as reported by Kadaris.

The concert proceeded as planned, and there were no reports of any arrests. Additionally, the protesters aimed to express their solidarity with RevCom, the Revolutionary Communist Party, which advocates for the establishment of a Marxist revolution in the United States.

On their website, the group strongly criticizes the United States, referring to it as the heart of imperialist power. Leo Pargo, a prominent figure within the Revolution Club Chicago, who was seen igniting one of the numerous flags, asserted that his fiery demonstration was safeguarded by his constitutional right to freedom of speech.

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