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China Gathers Forces at Taiwan Border


China Gathers Forces at Taiwan Border

On September 12, Taiwan, a self-governing island, sounded an alarm, stating that the Chinese government has been amassing troops at its military installations along the coast that directly face Taiwan. The Defense Ministry of Taiwan released a report alleging that China is intensifying its military operations and building up airfields very close to Taiwan’s borders. It also highlighted that Beijing has been conducting regular incursions into Taiwan’s territory. Furthermore, the report emphasized that Taiwan is enhancing its defense capabilities in reaction to the perceived threat posed by China.

Major General Huang Wen-Chi, in an official declaration, remarked that the Communist Party of China has significantly increased the scale of its military hardware. He also indicated that China has persistently developed various categories of unmanned aerial vehicles and combat aircraft, potentially with the intention of targeting military installations in Taiwan. Huang underscored the continuous updates in the intelligence he receives regarding the key military installations located along the coastline.

As per accounts, the military forces of China dispatched approximately twenty-four warplanes in close proximity to Taiwanese territory. The Defense Ministry of the island observed that a total of 20 Chinese naval vessels and 22 warplanes entered the Taiwan Strait. It was further emphasized that 13 of these aircraft breached the median line, which serves as the boundary for military operations between the two nations.

On September 11, the Chinese government positioned its Shandong aircraft carrier in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait. This particular vessel is one of the trio of carriers under Beijing’s possession, and it ventured as close as 112 kilometers to the democratic island. Moreover, it engaged in a series of exercises in a manner that was perceived as provocative.

In recent months, numerous news agencies have covered China’s practice of showcasing its military might around the island as a strategic move. Typically, Beijing employs this approach whenever a Taiwanese government official holds talks with a counterpart from the United States.

Although the Chinese government has persistently voiced its intention to reunify with Taiwan through any means necessary over the past few decades, there has been a noticeable escalation in China’s assertiveness towards Taiwan in recent years.

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