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Border Patrol Union Head Slams Biden


Border Patrol Union Head Slams Biden

President Joe Biden has at last revealed intentions to visit the US-Mexico border, a step long avoided despite mounting issues. The head of the National Border Patrol Council criticized the visit, alleging it as a mere ploy to improve ratings. Describing Biden’s action as “too little, too late,” the official suggested it mirrors the perceived tardiness of other presidential initiatives.

Brandon Judd, leading the border council, conveyed to Fox News the significant issue posed by illegal border crossers who subsequently engage in criminal activities within the United States. He appeared on the show to address the recent tragic incident involving the reported death of a University of Georgia student, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant from Venezuela.

After wrongfully crossing the border, the man was apprehended by US Customs and Border Protection. However, agents subsequently released him, permitting him to integrate into the general population. Allegedly, he later abducted and murdered Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, for motives that investigators are still working to uncover.

Judd asserts that the occurrence of such crimes is entirely preventable and expresses frustration over such situations. He further emphasizes his stance that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should face impeachment. Judd contends that there is a lack of action to ensure court appearances and other necessary follow-ups for the illegal crossers apprehended daily by Border Security officers.

The host mentioned that President Joe Biden apparently addressed the tragedy by referencing the bipartisan border bill he had been advocating for several months. In response, Judd sharply criticized the president, accusing him of neglecting the issue for three years. Judd highlighted the proximity of the general elections, only eight months away, and accused the president of engaging in political theater to secure votes. 

According to Judd, Biden could swiftly resolve the problem by reaching a “remain in Mexico” agreement with officials from south of the border, but he suggests that such a move would contradict the preferences of his supporters.

Biden’s scheduled border visit coincides with a visit that former President Donald Trump also planned for the same day. Karoline Leavitt, affiliated with the Trump campaign, contends that Biden’s sudden action stems from an awareness of his significant decline in popularity.

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