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Boo-Hoo: Liberal Comedian Resorts to Begging For Ticket Sales


Boo-Hoo: Liberal Comedian Resorts to Begging For Ticket Sales

Kathy Griffin’s comedic career took a downturn after she shared a controversial photo on social media, depicting herself holding a mock bloody head resembling then-President Donald Trump. Subsequently, she attributed the challenges in her life to Conservatives. Presently, there are reports of her appealing to individuals to purchase tickets for her shows.

On February 2, Griffin is set to embark on a nationwide tour for her performance titled “My Life on the PTSD-List.” The tour commences in Des Moines, Iowa, before moving on to Omaha, Nebraska. Scheduled shows are also expected in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Canada, and California.

The comedian shared a video on X, updating her fans on the challenges she’s facing in her life. Griffin had declared her victory over lung cancer, announcing her cancer-free status late last year.

Nevertheless, her voice suffered significant damage due to the treatments. In the online video, she explained the necessity for additional surgeries to restore her voice. Griffin shared with her supporters that, in addition to grappling with a virus, she was deeply saddened by the fact that she was going through a divorce.

Griffin acknowledged that her tour was experiencing low ticket sales. She expressed the urgency of reaching the opening night and voiced dissatisfaction with the slow sales in Omaha as well.

In 2017, Griffin shared the image of herself holding a mock head resembling Trump, a move that led to her being effectively ostracized in the industry. The Secret Service conducted a two-month investigation into Griffin’s actions. She asserted later that she was placed on a no-fly list, and even individuals within the Liberal community distanced themselves from her. It seems her professional trajectory has yet to rebound, evident in her plea for people to attend her shows.

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