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Biden White House Neglects Nashville Tragedy


Biden White House Neglects Nashville Tragedy

After a transgender person killed three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville on Monday, President Biden kept praising the “delight, resilience, and unwavering bravery of transgender and nonbinary Americans.”

At a time when sensitivity and understanding were very important, the president spoke from the White House and said that “transgender Americans shape the soul of our nation.”

White House Remains Quiet About Christian Victims

The president made March 31 “Transgender Day of Recognition” on Friday, four days after the terrible thing that happened at Covenant Christian School.

He also denounced “MAGA radicals pursuing numerous extreme state laws that target transgender children and their families. These attacks are against American values and must cease.”

To celebrate, the White House put out a 3,464-word “information sheet” that said “right-leaning politicians” were making “transgender teens” think about killing themselves.

Biden and his White House kept spreading their messages of support for the transgender community all week long.

But not one word was said about Christians, even though it seems like the Nashville shooting was a hate crime against a Christian school.

The motive is still unclear because the so-called “manifesto” of the person who did it has not been made public, unlike documents from other similar crimes. Even though the funerals for the Nashville victims had started, the White House did not say anything.

Contrasting Events in the Aftermath of Nashville Tragedy

Even though the government is still paying attention to transgender issues, the first of the Nashville victims was laid to rest on Friday. The nine-year-old Evelyn Dieckhaus was remembered for her “unwavering faith in the goodness of others.”

The White House then held a “White House Roundtable to Support Transgender Children.”

Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice was able to include kids in a politically charged event because of this event. This display was meant to poke fun at Republicans in red states who passed laws to protect kids from sex hormones and experimental gender surgery.

On Saturday, while the White House roundtable was going on, there was another event in Nashville, close to where the tragedy happened.

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