Biden Mocks Gun Owners, Claims Americans Need Fighter Jets to Take on Government

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During the weekend, President Joe Biden jestingly mocked gun owners once more, suggesting that to contend with the government’s power, they would need F-16 fighter planes instead of AR-15s.

In his derisive address, Biden sought to echo Thomas Jefferson’s quote about the Tree of Liberty being revitalized by the blood of patriots and tyrants. However, Biden stumbled over the phrase, initially mentioning the “blood of liberty” before correcting himself but still inaccurately stating that the tree is nourished with blood.

Persisting in his mockery of advocates for the Second Amendment, the president cynically remarked that he observed few patriots actively ensuring the possession of these weapons. He asserted that those concerned about their government becoming tyrannical would require an F-16 to address the situation.

On June 21, 2023, President Biden delivered a speech advocating for the prohibition of assault rifles. When emphasizing the need for change, he articulated his wish to see a ban on AR-15s, stating that the majority of Americans do not require a weapon of war. While declaring his support for the Second Amendment, he drew on his experience teaching law school to assert that the Constitution does not grant the right to own any weapon without restriction.

He asserted that an AR-15 would be ineffective in resisting a feared government, emphasizing the need for an F-16 instead.

Furthermore, the president conveyed to his audience that the AR-15 stands out as the most profit-oriented weapon in production due to its cost-effectiveness. He pointed out that the sales of AR-15s generate more revenue than those of any other firearm.

On January 5, a day prior to the third anniversary of the tumultuous riot at the U.S. Capitol, where supporters of President Trump sought to maintain his presidency, President Joe Biden cautioned that Donald Trump’s aspirations to reclaim the White House in 2024 posed a significant threat to the nation.

Addressing the audience in Pennsylvania at the location of the Continental Army’s challenging winter at Valley Forge over 250 years ago, Biden remarked that January 6, 2021, was the day when America came perilously close to being gone.

Observations have been made about the perceived inconsistency in Biden’s statements, suggesting that his assertion that an AR-15 is inconsequential compared to government weaponry appears hypocritical. This is particularly notable given his contention that the country was “nearly lost” on January 6 at the hands of unarmed individuals.

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