Biden Gets Barked At By Irish President’s Dog

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On Thursday, when the Democrat was visiting the nation in Europe, President Michael Higgins’ sizable Bernese mountain dog snarled at President Joe Biden as the two leaders approached the canine.

Misneach, the dog whose name means “Courage,” started wagging his tail as soon as he noticed his owner, but as soon as Biden walked up and knelt down in front of him, the pup started barking.

Off camera, someone chided jokingly, “Bad dog,” to amusement.

Misneach continued to bark and ignore Biden despite his entreaties to the dog. The two resumed their tour of the gardens in front of Higgin’s house after Biden gave up and left.

Biden was in Ireland to give a speech to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, 

Biden and his dog friends have previously made headlines for other reasons besides the barking incident.

According to internal documents, Biden’s German shepherd Major bit Secret Service agents eight days in a row in March 2021. According to the published emails, a visitor to the White House was also bitten by the dog in the same month.

At least one of the dog bite injuries sustained by the Secret Service member was deemed “severe.”

Before the emails were made public by an oversight body, the Biden administration only publicly recognized one of the alleged bites.

Late in 2021, Major was donated to a friend of the family.

Biden caused a media frenzy on Wednesday when he made an embarrassing error while visiting Ireland. While giving a lecture, he unintentionally confused the name of a New Zealand rugby team with that of the British army that tortured Irish people.

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