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Biden Falls to Lowest Point of His Presidency


Biden Falls to Lowest Point of His Presidency

Joe Biden’s reelection is less than a year away, and things aren’t looking good. People in the United States are showing their disapproval of his leadership in poll after poll. That is further confirmed by the most recent results of another survey.

New Poll

A new survey revealing the president has struck rock bottom was issued on December 18 by Monmouth University. From November 30th to December 4th, 803 American adults participated in the poll.

Only 34% of Americans are satisfied with the president’s performance in office, according to the surveys. On the other hand, 61% of the population is against it. Since taking office, that was the president’s lowest approval rating at Monmouth University. Since September, his popularity rating fell four points while his disapproval rating rose six points.

The Policies

In five separate policy domains, the poll indicated that Americans are unhappy with the president’s performance. When asked about Biden’s stance on immigration, the great majority of respondents (69%) were critical. Though the majority of the millions of migrants who entered the US since he assumed office have been deported or expelled, hundreds of thousands have been granted temporary residency as they await the results of their immigration cases. They have inundated both Democratic and Republican strongholds, diverting funds and resources from low-income Americans.

Additionally, 68% of respondents are unhappy with Biden’s approach on inflation, according to the poll. High costs continue to impact the American people, even though they have leveled off. Also, 52% are unhappy with his management of the energy infrastructure and 53% think he has done a bad job with unemployment. As a last point, 54% are unhappy with his approach to climate change.

2024 Rematch?

Trump, the former president, is currently leading all Republican candidates in the primary. His two main rivals, former US Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are well behind him. He seems to be the clear frontrunner to receive the Republican nomination for president. So, the election in 2024 will be very similar to the one in 2020.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling, every major poll has the ex-president either ahead of or tied with Biden. Take YouGov as an example; they’re both polling at 44%. With 44% support, the 45th president and 42% support, respectively, according to Morning Consult. Trump leads Biden by 48% to 40% according to Emerson College.

Getting the turnout necessary to defeat Trump will be extremely challenging for Biden if he keeps going in his current direction.

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