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Biden Administration Loses Another One


Biden Administration Loses Another One

White House advisor Stuart Delery played a pivotal role in assisting President Joe Biden in enacting key initiatives. He was actively involved in managing the distribution of vaccines during the nationwide health crisis and contributed to shaping the President’s immigration strategies. Recently, on August 17, Delery made public his decision to step down from his role within the administration. His departure is scheduled for September, and while a successor has not been formally announced, the administration anticipates appointing a replacement before his departure date.

Delery and Biden share an extensive history of collaboration in their professional capacities. Delery assumed the role of acting associate attorney general, a position of significant prominence at the Department of Justice, during the tenure of former President Barack Obama. His association with the Biden administration began from its inception, initially serving as the deputy White House counsel. 

Subsequently, in 2022, he ascended to the highest position in this role, succeeding Dana Remus after her departure. Throughout his tenure, he supervised the confirmation processes for 51 nominees to federal district courts and 20 nominees to federal appeals courts.

Following Delery’s announcement of resignation, President Biden issued a statement to the media. He referred to his departing White House counsel as a reliable advisor and a consistent wellspring of inventive legal insight since the outset of the administration.

The attorney’s choice to depart aligns with Biden’s preparations to intensify his re-election campaign. With the upcoming 2024 election merely 15 months away, the administration aims to remove unnecessary diversions. 

Allegedly, White House Chief of Staff Jeffrey D. Zients has requested cabinet secretaries to determine whether they plan to remain in their roles throughout the campaign or step down from their positions. It’s reported that the president wishes to avoid the complication of confirmation hearings while striving for a second term.

Zients also commented on Delery’s departure, expressing the belief that Delery’s time in his position will have a positive and enduring impact on the nation for decades to come.

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