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Beloved TV Judge Frank Caprio Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer


Beloved TV Judge Frank Caprio Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

A cherished traffic judge in Rhode Island, recognized for his distinct and compassionate demeanor in the courtroom, has requested prayers following the disclosure of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Judge Frank Caprio, aged 87 and renowned for his role in the reality TV series “Caught in Providence,” mentioned that he experienced discomfort around his birthday in November, prompting him to undergo a medical examination.

Caprio conveyed that he was in stable condition, expressing gratitude for the medical treatment he was undergoing and expressing hope that the provided services would contribute to his recovery through prayer.

Caprio held the position of chief judge at the municipal court in Providence, Rhode Island, until his retirement earlier this year.

He affirms his preparedness for the upcoming struggle as he embarks on the treatment for the illness.

“I ask each of you, in your own way, to please pray for me. I am in need of the power of prayer, which I believe in addition to the medical treatment that I am receiving is the most powerful weapon to help me survive this. Just knowing that you were keeping me in your thoughts means the world to me. So thank you for all your past messages. Thank you for your loving support. And please remember, just a small prayer, I’d really appreciate it.”

Following his address, the camera shifts to Caprio, his head lowered and resting on his two fists, appearing to engage in prayer as the video concludes with fading music. Caprio’s video has garnered numerous comments, with many supporters sharing their thoughts and prayers for the Rhode Island born.

Certain notable instances featuring Caprio revolve around the judge’s empathy for individuals facing hardships who find themselves in his courtroom.

In a video, a 96-year-old man faced charges of speeding in a school zone while accompanying his 63-year-old son with cancer to a medical appointment. Caprio dismissed the case, offering the man and his son well wishes as they left the courtroom.

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