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Banished From Congress, George Santos To Be Featured In HBO Flick


Banished From Congress, George Santos To Be Featured In HBO Flick

Long Island’s former representative, George Santos, is on the verge of becoming a notable figure in the world of cinema — and rest assured, this is not another instance of his fabricated narratives.

HBO Films has acquired the rights to a recently published book that chronicles the brief and truth-challenged political journey of the former representative.

Santos, a Republican from New York, was removed from Congress last Friday following a damning ethics report that accused him of overtly misappropriating campaign funds, using political finances for OnlyFans, and Botox expenses.

The forthcoming film for the silver screen is described as an investigative and humorously dark exploration of the now-departed legislator.

To narrate the intriguing story of the youthful Santos, HBO has enlisted Frank Rich as the executive producer for its adaptation of “The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos,” a book unveiled on November 28th.

Mike Makowsky, known for HBO’s “Bad Education,” will be penning the screenplay for the Santos film, while Mark Chiusano, the author of the book and a columnist for Newsday, will be providing consultation.

An exact release date and cast for the film have not been disclosed as of now.

Santos achieved a notable feat for Republicans in the 2022 cycle by securing a win in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, contributing to one of their few pickups.

Shortly following his triumph in the election, it was uncovered that he had concocted significant portions of his personal history, falsely asserting attendance at Baruch College and a career on Wall Street.

He is presently confronting a 23-count indictment for purported embezzlement and deceptive practices towards donors.

Santos was ousted from Congress on Friday in a vote of 311 to 114, with 105 Republicans supporting the move to remove him, marking him as only the sixth member in the history of the US House of Representatives to face expulsion.

He has publicly declared his decision not to seek reelection.

Nevertheless, Santos has chosen not to depart silently. With his exit from the lower chamber, the former representative from the Empire State is retaliating.

Santos has pledged to file several grievances against his former colleagues with the House Committee on Ethics on Monday.

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