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Arizona GOP Leader Resigns Following Leaked Audio Scandal


Arizona GOP Leader Resigns Following Leaked Audio Scandal

On January 24th, Jeff DeWit, the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, stepped down from his position following the public release of an audio recording in which he appeared to be making efforts to dissuade Kari Lake from entering the Senate race through questionable means.

DeWit issued a statement asserting that the released recording was selectively edited and taken out of context. He implied that the publicizing of the audio was a component of a year-long effort by Lake to tarnish his reputation.

Although DeWit acknowledged regret for certain statements made, he insisted that the conversation was orchestrated to his disadvantage. According to him, his resignation was prompted by Lake, who allegedly conveyed that if he didn’t step down promptly, a more damaging recording would be disclosed.

The recording was created in early 2023, during a period when Lake was engaged in an unsuccessful legal dispute contesting her defeat in the 2020 Arizona gubernatorial race and gearing up for a U.S. Senate candidacy.

In the recorded conversation, DeWit informed Lake that influential individuals aimed to prevent her Senate candidacy and inquired about a figure. Lake, expressing disbelief, sought clarification if he meant a monetary amount at which she could be influenced. She firmly asserted her unavailability, stating she couldn’t be swayed even for a billion dollars.

DeWit refrained from disclosing the identities of the influential individuals purportedly seeking Lake’s exit from politics but mentioned that they hailed from the eastern part of the country.

Lake discussed the alleged bribery attempt during the Conservative Political Action Conference in March of the preceding year without explicitly identifying DeWit. She humorously mentioned her desire to unleash her dog on the individual involved, clarifying the impracticality due to her owning a pug. Subsequent to her CPAC appearance, Lake revisited the incident multiple times, leveraging it to portray herself as an anti-establishment candidate.

In his resignation letter, DeWit retaliated against Lake, implying that someone who lacks the trustworthiness to uphold confidentiality in discussions among colleagues and friends is not fit to be a Senator. This insinuates that she has a track record of leveraging personal relationships for political advantage.

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